Mayer (Born in Hrubieszów, Poland, July 6th 1993) is an Polish rawstyle producer & DJ. With a passion for the harder styles of music, he started his musical journey in the year 2007. He recorded sets for FEAR.FM and decided to make first steps in production. His first teacher of producing was mr. Regain, they both made the track Silesia in Raw.
Next step in his story was the project named Daemonic. Together with another polish artist called Darknoise they made the track “Consumed” (with Sick Sense). This was released on the Gearbox Digital Album called “Mechanical Warfare”.
The release album party was also his first foreign big booking. From these times he made huge step forward in looking for his own style and taste of music. In his track you can hear some old vibes from 2000s with modern mechanical details. He has played at the major clubs in Poland such as Energy 2000, Discoplex A4 and has shared the stage with such names like: E-Force, Regain, Kevin Kaos, Malice, Artifact, Rebelion, Adventum, Genox, Chaotic Spirit, Enigmato and DJ Driver.
But this is for him only the beginning, prepare yourself for the polish punch in Holland exclusive from Royalz !